Research Equipment Database

In support of the RCUK initiative on demonstrating efficiency savings through the sharing of research equipment, the University of Surrey has developed a searchable equipment database to support PIs and institutions when applying for equipment on research grants. Not only will the database increase visibility of, and access to, research equipment it will create efficiencies in the procurement process of research equipment.

To maximise the chance of identifying the item of research equipment, first try searching on its generic name and then on its abbreviated form, for example, Gas Chromatograph, then by GC. A successful search will provide information on the item of equipment such as a brief description plus any specific requirements. It will also provide a contact point where further information can be gathered, together with the item's location. Search results can be filtered by department to narrow the results and make them more relevant. Members of the University of Surrey may additionally log in and access the full database of equipment, including a feature to export the database as a spreadsheet.

Clicking the CSV icon provides a CSV file of the items within the database.

To search the database, please enter a keyword in textbox above. Search results will appear here, with the best matches appearing first and can be filtered by department.