Membership at Surrey Sports Park

So you want to take out a membership at Surrey Sports Park? To do this we need some information from you, or rather we need your permission for the University to share some of your personal data with Surrey Sports Park. This information is used in two ways:

- It is used to confirm that you are a student at the University of Surrey and as such are eligible for the dedicated Student memberships and (potentially) to represent the University as a member of Team Surrey in BUCS fixtures.

- It allows us to be able to contact you about pertinent information from Surrey Sports Park and your membership.

We will not send you any marketing information without your consent. We will share the fact that you have a membership with the Student Union, but only for the purposes of making sure that you are eligible to take part in Team Surrey Club Sport. Full details about how Surrey Sports Park uses personal data are on our website. So if you are ready, login using your university credentials. This is just to identify that you are a current Student. If you have any questions about this then contact Surrey Sports Park, see our FAQs on how to get in touch.

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